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Canteen tables
Really from Kvadrat

All tables for the canteen in Gullhaug Torg 5 are made with Textile. A durable circular material crafted from end-of-life cotton and wool and is 100% recyclable.

Kvadrat Really materials are engineered from end-of-life textiles. These come from production waste and leftovers from industrial laundries, the fashion industry, and Kvadrat’s production and supply chain.

Produced on-site in Denmark, our materials are colour and quality-controlled. The standard ones we offer are based on cotton and wool blends. However, our pioneering production process allows for many different fibre compositions.

Really materials are milled into fibres to ensure homogeneous surfaces and colours. Innovatively, our standard products are crafted with short fibres. As a result, the different tones from the upcycled denim, cotton and wool can be blended into a simple, repeatable pallet of four colours. Our milling process also allows for the use of different fibre lengths and fibre flakes, which can lead to the creation of particularly expressive, individual materials

Making waste a valuable resource for a sustainable product

  • Reducing usage of clean water with 99,8% water compared to wooden composites (mdf)
  • Low energy consumption as 80 – 90% or our energy comes from sustainable energy sources 
  • 18kg textile waste or the amount of textile waste equal to 88 t-shirts or 36 jeans are utalized in a tabletop