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DESSO Grezzo carpet tile

DESSO Grezzo is inspired by the beauty of the earth’s naturally untouched natural landscape, and thereby supports Tarkett’s ongoing work to protect the planet’s fragile resources. The irregular and raw structure brings depth and vitality to the pattern. No two carpet tiles are the same, but put together the pattern gives a seamless expression -perfect for creating an elegant design that fits well into a variety of workspaces.

  • Part of Circular Collection
  • 100% reyclable in Tarketts own carpet recycling centre
  • Contains 47,8 % recycled content
  • Standard with100% recyclable DESSO EcoBase backing
  • Cradleto Cradle® Silver level certified

The DESSO Grezzo collection is part of Tarkett Circular Collection that brings together all of the products for which Tarkett currently have a functioning collection system, and where the collected material is recycled into new raw material for future Tarkett flooring through the recycling programme ReStart®.

The criteria for the floors included in the Circular Collection is that they are 100% Closed-Loop recyclable, which means that:

  • The product qualifies for Tarkett ReStart take-back and recycling programme
  • The collected material is transported to one of Tarketts recycling facilities
  • The floor is recycled into raw material for new Tarkett floors

 The products in the Circular Collection are not only recyclable according to ISO 14021, they are also phthalate-free and have low VOC emissions. They also have independently verified EPD (Environmental Product Declarations) and MHS (Material Health Statements).

ReStart® is Tarkett’s take-back and recycling programme for recycling of offcuts and old flooring. ReStart® programme starts with the collection of installation waste and/or end-of-use flooring for recycling. Once sorted, these used floors are processed using unique technologies that can remove the adhesive when needed and separate the components. Each component can then be made into new raw material, and reused to make a new floor covering. This is how Tarkett closes the loop.

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